Diocese of Malaybalay
San Isidro Cathedral Parish
Barangay 1
Malaybalay City


The Propia family owned the vast tract of land located in Barangay Sumpong and a portion of Barangay Poblacion of then Municipality of Malaybalay. As the population of Malaybalay grew, they (Propia's) subdivided their land and sold it to their friends and other interested buyers. Among the early buyers were Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Bade who bought a larger portion of the Propia property.

The early homeowners then organized the Malaybalay Heights Neighborhood Association spearheaded by Mr. Pedro Propia. . When the law mandating LGU to define their respective barangay boundaries, the association members' residence was split into portion of Barangay Sumpong and Barangay One. The officers of the association were Mr. Pedro Propia, the First President, Judge Arcadio Fabria, Mr. Andres Jacutin, Mr. Francisco Alecida, Mr. Numeriano Madelo, Mr. Simeon Orpilla, Mr. Loreto Arellano, Mr. Domingo Laque, Mr. Alfredo Bugawan, Mr. JuanVergara and Mrs. Vicky Pizarro. These persons are all devout Catholic and most of them are members of the Knights of Columbus.

In 1972, the association passed a Resolution addressed to Spouses Jesus and Anecia Bade requesting them to donate a portion of their land for their proposal to establish a Chapel. Mrs. Anesia Valmores Bade, who is also a devotee of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, agreed to the request and suggested that the chapel Patroness shall be The Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The idea to build a Chapel which is now the OUR LADY OF MR. CARMEL CHAPEL was also made possible and easy because of the 100% support of the past and present Barangay Council.

At the start, Eucharistic Mass was celebrated only on Wednesdays. The Chapel Presidents were as follows 1. Judge Arcadio Fabria, 2. Mrs. Teofila Fe, 3. Mr. Jose Belderol, 4. Mrs. Teofila Kilem and 5. Mr. Jonally Santoninio.

As the population increased, a survey was conducted in 2006 asking the residents whether they want the chapel to have a regular Sunday Mass. 80% of the respondents answered positively so on October 2007, the first Sunday Mass was celebrated thru the support of then San Isidro Cathedral Parish Administrator, REV. MSGR. VICTORIANO "BOB" SALEM.

One Sunday in 2008, the erstwhile Bishop of the Diocese of Malaybalay, HIS EXCELLENCY, REV. BISHOP HONESTO CH. PACANA, S.J., D.D. presided the mass and was delighted to see the chapel churchgoer overflowed. He then suggested that we prepare the chapel to be sub-parish ready.

This compelled us to create a Committee to study the possibility of acquiring a lot for the chapel expansion. A ten year development plan was made however the plan was put on hold because of the impending completion of the Diocesan Pastoral Center adjacent to the San Isidro Cathedral Parish.

Meanwhile, scouting for land for the chapel continued. The owner of the lot adjacent to the Chapel, MR. & MRS. WILFREDO CAPILITAN, who is an active member of the Knights of Columbus, gladly acceded to our request to have his lot for the chapel expansion in exchange for the MRS. AGRICOLA SAJULGA-TILANDUCA, which is also adjacent to the former's property. But since Mrs. Tilanduca wished to be paid by November, 2012, fund raising became imperative.

On July 29, 2012 the Ways and Means Committee finally convened and agreed to ask HIS EXCELLENCY, REV. BISHOP JOSE ARANETA CABANTAN, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Malaybalay. The Chapel's authority to engage the public in fund generation for the chapel expansion was granted on August 22, 2012.

On October 21, 2012, the OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL CHAPEL OF BARANGAY ONE will be formally launched.

To have a greater and wider reach of our fund solicitaiton, the Committee has tasked Committee Member, BRO. LOUEL MELENDEZ-TORTOLA to open a web site. The Chapel has already open a dollar and peso account with the Allied Banking Corporation, Malaybalay Branch with Dollar Account No. 3742003901 and Peso Account No. 3740271276.

This plan was conceived to continue the dreams of Malaybalay Heights Neighborhood Association founders, the Barangay One Officials from 1. ATTY. MANUEL R. VALDEZ 2. MR. ENRICO C. MANGUBAT, 3. MR. SERGIO TURA, 4. JUDGE ARCADIO D. FABRIA, 5. MR. NESTOR P. PONTERAS, 6. CITY COUNCILOR AMADO C. ESTRADA, 7. MR. JOSE P. BELDEROL, AND 8. MR. GABRIEL P. ALIMA, and the residents of this Barangay who painstakingly share their time during the "pahina" and their treasure by donating materials and food during the construction of the Chapel.

It is proper to acknowledge the donor of the chapel building site, the late Spouses JESUS BADE AND ANESIA VALMORES BADE. Likewise, the late KAG. TEOFILA FE who was also very active in actively looking for priest everytime a mass is to be held. Not to be forgotten are 1. Ang Buhing Pulong Community, 2. The Knights of Columbus and Daughters of Mary Immaculate, 3. The Charismatic Community, 4. The Catholic Women's League, 5. The Couples for Christ, 6. The Apostolado, 7. The Christian Family Movement, 8. The Parish Youth. 9. The Basic Ecclesial Community and all parishioners of all Barangay One Zones who are the willing sponsors of our Wednesday and Sunday Masses as well as the Fiesta and Christmas activities held in our chapel.

The President of the Chapel and the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, appeals to the generosity of everyone to support the land acquisition and eventual construction of a new and larger chapel that is sub-parish ready and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel motif inspired.

Chapel President